The Collective

The Amherstburg Collective

  • A team of volunteers who are educated on good governance and international best practices; and are focused on always making evidence based decisions and believing in ‘the science’.
  • Membership is open to anyone that wishes to help make Amherstburg THRIVE and is willing to put in the work to become educated and knowledgeable in aspects of good community planning.
  • Members are prepared to respectfully use their positive voice and influence to help bring about change.
  • The Collective will publicly champion for a better Amherstburg and be committed to full transparency.
  • The Collective is a non-profit enterprise.
  • A team of 12 Directors will identify issues and opportunities along with co-chairs Lauri Brouyette and Richard Peddie.
  • The expectation is that the Collective Members are engaged in understanding the opportunities available to the Town and contribute to making Amherstburg even BETTER!