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Open Air White Paper Delegation - Amherstburg Council Meeting - October 12, 2021

THRIVE presented the Open Air white paper to Town Council on October 12, 2021. You can view the presentation online at the link below and also review the full white paper here.

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Amherstburg community group seeks to bolster town's future - Windsor Star

THRIVE is an acronym for: timeless, healthy, relevant, inspired, valued and engaged. Six values that direct everything we do.

We believe this values-oriented approach will help us be successful. Importantly, all of our group’s recommendations to council and residents will be evidence-based, mindful of domestic and International best practices and always follow the science.

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Amherstburg’s Downtown Espresso Café To Benefit From Student Competition - Biz X Magazine

A $5,000 prize is at stake as UWindsor’s Odette School of Business and alumnus and benefactor Richard Peddie partner to launched a real-life business case competition the week of September 27, 2021, hosted by UWindsor’s Odette School of Business.

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The Great Lakes Region Is Not a ‘Climate Haven’ -

Southern Ontario will not be a climate crisis refuge. We are being negatively impacted right now and it will only get worse.  Look for T.H.R.I.V.E.’s White Paper to Council on how Amherstburg residents can help address climate change.

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Thrive Open Air Survey is now Closed

Our survey on Open Air is now closed.  To all the residents and non-residents who responded thank you for giving us your feedback. No survey is ever a perfect match with what the public thinks, but a large number of respondents definitely makes it more likely. For instance this survey’s margin of error will be a very credible +/- 5%. We also would like to thank all those who took the time to write in  their personal thoughts. This qualitative information will be helpful as well.

50 Reasons Why Everyone Should Want More Walkable Streets -

Thrive believes that streets are for people and that is why we are championing Open Air.  Some of these 50 points are sure to be included in the White Paper that goes to Council in October.

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Photo radar and red light cameras are popping up everywhere in the GTA. Here’s where they are, and why they matter - Toronto Star - Aug 18, 2021

Amherstburg has unsafe speeders so why not here? Revenues could go two building protected bike lanes. THRIVE will be presenting a White Paper on lowering speed limits. Enforcement will be an issue so why not have photo radar help police catch speeders?

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Want to know about the DNA of Amherstburg’s Open Air ?  Well it started in Bogota Colombia in 1970 and was such a hit that today 120 kms of the city are closed every Sunday for pedestrians and cyclists. The world took notice and cities everywhere started doing the same thing. With Covid even more adapted the idea. THRIVE will go before Council in October and recommend that the town not only does Open Air again in 2022 but that it invests in safe play for kids on some of our streets. Watch for the White Paper when it goes to Council. Like all our White Papers the recommendation will be backed by best practices, evidence-based data and always believing the science. As we believe in transparency you will get a chance to read along with Council.

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Historic buildings hightlights during heritage walks - River Town Times - Aug 11, 2021

Amherstburg Heritage Walk

Below is Richard Peddie’s remarks to the 36 people who participated in the Heritage Walk hosted by Thrive and the River Bookshop.  If you are a Thrive member there is still some time to sign up to be one of the authors of the White Paper on Heritage. Click on Contact US to get in touch. 

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Below is Richard Peddie’s remarks to the 36 people who participated in the Heritage Walk hosted by Thrive and the River Bookshop.  If you are a Thrive member there is still some time to sign up to be one of the authors of the White Paper on Heritage. Click on Contact US to get in touch. 

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Separated Bike Lanes Means Safer Streets, Study Says - Streetsblog USA

Amherstburg needs a safe cycling grid if it wants to embrace cycling.  

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Yes Amherstburg is not Amsterdam but it can learn from Amsterdam.

THRIVE Amherstburg's Feedback Regarding Centennial & Jack Purdie Parks Proposals - "Parking"

THRIVE Amherstburg's Feedback Regarding Centennial & Jack Purdie Parks Proposals - "Affordable Housing"

Local business owners trying to institute “Play Amherstburg” project - River Town Times - July 21, 2021

THRIVE Amherstburg has nine initiatives critiqued by Hamilton planner - River Town Times - July 21, 2021

Tactical Urbanism - Wikipedia

THRIVE will be executing its first Tactical Urbanism test “Play Amherstburg” during Open Air on July 25. We believe programming Richmond Street for kids to play will be popular. THRIVE believes in evidence based decision making. So we hope the data we collect will support Council approving programming funds in the town’s 2022 budget. Bring your kids, your grandkids and be part of the test.

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Canada’s farmers brace for new heat wave as scorching summer leaves cherries roasting on trees -

The new normal! Climate Change is occurring so fast now that conditions today are likely better than any conditions in the future. Essex County agriculture is already being negatively impacted by more frequent storms and higher temperatures. Go to Contact Us and sign up for the Thrive Team that will be making recommendations to Town Council on how to address climate change. Please join – we all have to do our part.

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How many 500-year floods must Detroit endure in a decade? -

Just across the river. Amherstburg is not immune!

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4 Hopeful Lessons from WW2 to Confront Climate Change - Climate Emergency Unit

This is an excellent short film on the climate emergency threatening the very existence of humanity.  It identifies 4 markers Canada used to successfully fight WWII.  Four markers that could also be used/adapted to fight climate change. Very worth a look. Join the THRIVE team that is creating a recommendation on how Amherstburg should join the fight. Because even small communities have do their part. Go to Contact Us and apply to join any of THRIVE’s nine teams. Teams that are recommending ways for Amherstburg to be even better!

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What Technology Could Reduce Heat Deaths? Trees. - New York

THRIVE will be submitting a White Paper to town council on Climate Change and tree plantings will play a major part. ERCA is doing a good job planting thousands of trees every year but there is a need for many more. Their mass  plantings are done more out in the country which is good but there is room for many many more all across Amherstburg. Not only can they help save lives as temperatures increase, but trees are a great carbon capture. Many of our White Papers will have a ‘trees’ component: climate change, parks, streets are for people. If you wish to be one of the authors of those White Papers join THRIVE.

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What extreme heat does to your body -

Essex County has not experienced the dangerously high temperatures we are seeing in B.C. But with the increasing impact of Climate Change, we are sure to experience them in the near future. Creating life-threatening issues for your family, seniors and your young children. So don’t you think that Amherstburg should do its part?  THRIVE will submit a White Paper (or two or three) on how the town should contribute to the solution. If your are part of THRIVE you will get a say in what is presented. To join, simply click on the ABOUT TAB. Very Easy to do – Join the THRIVE TEAM!

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Placemaking - Wikipedia

THRIVE AMHERSTBURG is talking a lot about Placemaking.  So what’s it’s all about? Here is a Wiki definition. Need to hear more on why it is relevant to Amherstburg? Make sure you put July 28 in your calendar to hear placemaking expert Jim Tischler talk about the what, where, when, why, and how of placemaking. Placemaking can definitely help Amherstburg thrive!

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Heatwaves don't lie: Telling the truth about climate change - The Hill

This is a story about Climate Change in the United States. So what does it have to do with Canada? Well they are our southern neighbour and climate change ignores country borders. What they’re experiencing is also happening in Canada right now and will get more severe if we don’t do anything about it. Interestingly the climate scientist quoted in the article, Katharine Hayhoe, is a Canadian and really knows her stuff. THRIVE has chosen Climate change as one of our 9 initiatives that we will prepare a White Paper on. We will also view our other eight White Papers through a climate lens.  If this initiative interests you (frankly it should) join our Collective and have the opportunity to contribute to the recommendation we make to Town Council. 

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Development transforms empty lot in Ontario town into thoughtfully designed public housing - The Globe & Mail

Like Amherstburg,  St. Thomas is a small Ontario town. Read about what it has accomplished.  Amherstburg can too.

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Earth is now trapping an ‘unprecedented’ amount of heat, NASA says - Washington Post

Climate change is already impacting Essex County: higher temperatures, more frequent and more powerful storms, dramatically increased flooding.  And things will get much worse. Amherstburg has to do its part. It can’t assume others will do it for us. Watch for THRIVE’s White Paper on the subject that will call for climate change investments in the 2022 budget. 

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Can art save lives? The rise of guerilla traffic calming -

THRIVE supports ART, STREETS ARE FOR PEOPLE and LOWER SPEED LIMITS.  Do they all come together to make our streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists?  Join THRIVE Amherstburg so that you can have your say in what is included in our White Papers that go to town council.

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Open Air is Back in Amherstburg

THRIVE is delighted that town Council voted to hosting “Open Air” in the downtown streets of Amherstburg again this summer. We believe that it should be a permanent summer feature. And that Council’s attention during the next budget deliberations should not be focused on whether it is continued, but how it can be made even better each year? THRIVE championed Open Air because it aligns with our “Street are for People” and Climate Change initiatives. Our research tells us that open streets are an international best practice for small towns and large cities. It follows the science that has proven that individuals are far safer during Covid outside. Also studies have shown that businesses benefit from streets designed for cyclists and pedestrians versus cars   And importantly it’s FUN. After months of lock down it’s good to go outside, reconnect with your neighbours and share moments with friends you haven’t seen in months.

THRIVE will be sharing photos of Amherstburg’s busy streets every weekend. Go to #openair2021 to check them out. Better yet, contribute your own photos and tag them with #openair2021.

How cutting speed limits could slow climate change - CBC What on Earth Newsletter - Aug 13, 2020.

Lowering speed limits makes our streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians while addressing climate change. One of THRIVE’s early white papers will address this opportunity. We look forward to having Thrive members create this white paper. Stay tuned.

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This is what happens when cities ban cars from the roads

Two of THRIVE’s initiatives are addressed in this article. “Streets are for People”  and Climate change.  Research tells us that cars are definitely contributing  to the climate crisis. Research also tells us that open streets.  Aka “Open Air” are good for business, and great for health.

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Historic building gets facelift thanks to local investors - River Town Times - June 2

One of Thrive’s initiatives is protecting and restoring our historic buildings – protecting one of our important points of difference. Thrive salutes the Kuzaks for doing this.  Would love to see the town incentivize owners that can’t quite afford restoring their properties.

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Climate Change

THRIVE will be pushing Council to create a climate action plan for Amherstburg. And we are creating a youth group to help us. After all, adults are currently leaving a real mess so today’s youth should get a say on how we help fix it.

Where Covid’s Car-Free Streets Boosted Business -

During the Open Air debate a few businesses said that the open streets were bad for their businesses. Here is some interesting research that makes a case that they are good for business. Today’s businesses can’t just rely on their history to protect them. They have to continually adapt, create and invest to continue to be successful. Status quo is never a formula for long term success.

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Lower Speed Limits

There is strong correlation between car speed and pedestrian and cyclist deaths. This is why THRIVE strongly believes in lowering speed  limits in Amherstburg. It’s actually a no brainer.

County gives go-ahead for major push on increasing energy efficiency - Windsor Star

THRIVE Is delighted that County Council has approved this climate action plan.  It  follows all the disciplines that THRIVE believes in: evidence based, best practices and believes the science. Also please that Mayor DiCarlo and Deputy Mayor Meloche spoke out very strongly supporting it’s approval.  Now the really hard part starts – taking action!  THRIVE will table a White Paper that will contain ideas that should be in the town’s 2022 budget.

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How Cities Can Give Streets to Kids for a 'Summer of Play' -

THRIVE strongly believes that Open Air needs to be annual fixture in Amherstburg. That council should no longer debate its existence but focus on how it can be better – more special. Love this idea of turning over portion of the streets to children. The section from Dalhousie to Ramsay only has only one restaurant and little retail – it would be perfect!

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Public Art

THRIVE very much believes in art as a way to make Amherstburg  a lively and attractive place to visit while increasing community pride.  More murals, street art and and why not picnic tables?  Communities across Ontario are stepping up their game as people want to get safely outside post the pandemic.

As record heat scorches western Russia and central Canada, climate alarm bells ring -

Nowhere in the world can one escape the Climate Crisis. On June 2 watch THRIVE’s Zoom presentation on how it is impacting Essex County and what we can do about it. Click on Events for more information.

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Climate Change

“Best carbon capture is a tree.  When scaled up it’s called a forest.” THRIVE is championing a climate action plan for Amherstburg because we have to do our part.  We fully support deputy mayor Leo Meloche’s idea to plant more.

Active transportation - Cycling

THRIVE strongly believes in making Amherstburg even more bike friendly. For cycling to succeed, the town needs a total cycling grid and protected cycling lanes.

Study in New Zealand Says Cycling & Walking Investments are 10X More Effective -

THRIVE just finished a Zoom presentation on placemaking ideas for Amherstburg. One was on active transportation aka cycling. We believe Amherstburg needs a total cycling grid with protected lanes on busier streets.  Look for us to go to Council later this year.

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Streets are for People

This is what Open Air could become in Amherstburg. Going forward the Council should should not debate whether it is repeated each year – It should debate about how much more is invested in it to make it even better. How it can truly THRIVE.

Lisbon Latest City To Rein Back Car Use With 34 Miles Of Pop-Up Cycleways Installed By September -

Cities across the world are progressively responding to Covid. Yes Amherstburg can be like Lisbon.  It just takes prioritizing people over cars.  When it does that Amherstburg will THRIVE.

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“THRIVE Amherstburg” Being Launched, Touts Best Practices – River Town Times – May 12, 2021

THRIVE is a positive voice and a public champion for good leadership and evidence based decision making in Amherstburg. We are a team of people just like you who aspire to become educated in best practices and focused upon always making sound decisions.

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How Nature Boosts The Health Of City Residents – Wageningen University & Research

THRIVE Amherstburg supports investing in parks. One of its directors Kory Renaud is Vice President Essex County Field Naturalists’ Club

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Amherstburg Family Doesn’t Let Daughters’ Rare Disorder Curtail Physical Activity – Windsor Star – May 6, 2021

THRIVE plans to push for a town-wide cycling grid that will make cycling safer for the Paquette family and all other residents

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Let’s Make Sticky Streets For People! – Planetizen.Com

THRIVE believes that streets are for people. We need to help make Amherstburg more pedestrian and cyclists friendly. Prioritize people over cars.

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Cities Need Housing. Parking Requirements Make It Harder. – Bloomberg.Com

Parking minimums are outdated and hold back investment in businesses and housing. Wonder why our town has so many unused parking used parking lots around some of our banks? Parking minimums! THRIVE will be making a case for Amherstburg to eliminate parking minimums for new builds.

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Parks Carried The Pandemic Year On Their Backs – Vice.Com

Amherstburg has good parks lead by the special downtown Kings Navy Yard Park. THRIVE will be championing the right investment in our parks and the right uses.

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Elementary School In Amherstburg Part Of Local Active Transportation Project – River Town Times – May 5, 2021

One of THRIVE‘s key initiatives will be to champion cycling in Amherstburg.  Cycling is excellent exercise for people of all ages. We just need to make it much safer.

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