Heritage White Paper

T.H.R.I.V.E. is exploring and then championing ways to make Amherstburg even better.  When we have completed our research on a topic we share our conclusions and ideas in a document that we call a  “White Paper”. Our hope is that Council will reflect our recommendations in their decisions and their budgets. We have already presented a White Paper on Open Air – streets are for people. The support by residents for the continuation of an even better Open Air in 2022 was overwhelming.  It’s now up to Council to decide what to do.

Our next paper is on “Heritage.” We all agree that our history and our heritage buildings make Amherstburg special. Unfortunately the town has not given Heritage the attention and investment it needs to be successful long term.  Many many towns and cities have been more aggressive than Amherstburg in protecting and investing in their heritage. Please read our White Paper on the subject.  And tune in to the Town of Amherstburg website on October 25 at 6 pm to watch our presentation. And if you think our ideas have merit please let Council know.